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We can customize any element of your project. Below are various types of fence paint coatings from Cardinal Industrial Coatings. We use the No. 2 / Deuce electrostatic paint guns to apply the finishes onto gates and fences.

Faulkner Fence Company uses Cardinal Industrial Paints Liquid Coatings Cardinal Paint Liquid Coatings
Faulkner Fence Company uses Cardinal Industrial Paints Powder Coatings Cardinal Paint Powder Coatings
Faulkner Fence Company uses Cardinal Industrial Paints Industrial Coatings Cardinal Paint Industrial Coatings

faulkner fence company uses cardinal industrial paints

Cardinal Paint Liquid Coatings

Liquid finishes are available in water-borne and solvent-borne coatings and supported with primers in single and two-component formulations. You can have a match to your color in any finish you specify. And now, you can also specify colors that accurately simulate the internationally-recognized PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, the color system preferred by most designers and product engineers.
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Cardinal Paint Powder Coatings

We work with customers to address such issues as environmental concerns, exterior durability, screen print adhesion, critical texture patterns, application difficulties and tight color tolerance. Along with our stock products shown in our Color Guide, we create specialized powder coatings to meet the criteria required for your project. Cardinal is licensed by PANTONE® to accurately simulate both the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® colors and the PANTONE Textile Color System®.
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Cardinal Paint Industrial Coatings

Cardinal Industrial Finishes has been a leader for over 50 years in developing unique and innovative coatings to meet the needs of the industrial paint and coatings market. To take this effort to the next level Cardinal has developed a line of low and zero VOC UV curable coatings. Our offering includes coatings for metal, plastic, glass and wood that are specifically designed to meet the needs our customer’s applications. UV coatings are applied by spray and roller coating primarily but can also be applied by vacuum coating as well as curtain and dip coating.

Water Based UV – Although most of the UV coatings are 100% solids; we have also developed a line of water based UV products that offer unique benefits for some applications. These products are applied like conventional PUD coatings, but after drying they are passed through the UV light which dramatically improves their hardness and chemical resistance vs. conventional PUDs.

Color – We have a broad range of colors available and can match specific colors to meet our customer’s needs.

Three Compelling Reasons to Convert to UV & EB Technology

1 Improved Productivity: Since most systems are solvent-free and require less than a second cure time, the productivity gains can be tremendous compared to conventional coating techniques. The reduction in floor space required for UV curing is dramatic vs. a conventional air dry oven. In addition, the energy savings will frequently pay for the cost of the UV curing equipment required.

2 Suited for Sensitive Substrates: Most systems do not contain any water or solvent that might attack some plastic substrates. The curing process can be controlled to minimize the curing temperature on heat sensitive substrates.

3 Environmentally and User Friendly: Compositions are typically solvent-free so emissions and flammability are not a concern.
View the Cardinal Paint Industrial Finishes Color Swatches