Electrostatic Painting

A technique for painting metal structures, such as gates and fences, that have many holes or cavities; paint is sprayed through a grid of wires that forms one electrode onto the structure to be painted which forms the other electrode, and to which the paint particles are attracted. Electrically charged powder is sprayed on a surface that is charged with the opposite electrical charge and then bakes on the coating in this type of fence painting.

ITW Ransburg No. 2 / Deuce Hand Gun Unit

No 2 Deuce Unit from ITW Ransburg used by Faulkner Fence Company Liquid Coatings
Powder Coatings
Industrial Coatings

The No. 2 Gun/Deuce Unit is the most efficient indoor/outdoor on-site finishing system on the market today. The Deuce unit, utilizing the No. 2 Gun, is a total on-site finishing package – No.2 Gun, bell, high voltage cable, power supply, fluid hose and cart. Everything is pre-package and ready to go to work for you. The unit is very efficient with transfer efficiencies in the 95% range and up. So, with drift and waste virtually eliminated, otherwise impossible on-site furniture refinishing is a breeze.